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goodforyouandgoodforyoursoulI thought about merely posting this and saying Amen. Might be the shortest blog ever. 🙂 But then I thought of a little more to say.

Let’s just break this down a bit: As you get older: I am not sure what older is, and perhaps it should say as you get wiser. I really do embrace this truth more with each passing day, but I am not sure if it is age related or my willingness to become more reflective about the relationships I am in, what I offer, what I glean and how we help/harm each other.

Just want to be surrounded by good people. I understand more fully now what surrounded means. I used to crave people 24/7 and was often with people all day long. I confused being with people as being known by people. There is something I enjoy about such a variety of people, but today, I read surrounded, and I envision my circle of people. There is a relief in knowing that I have a say in how many people make up that circle. It has been a painful process at times to embrace the reality that some friends stay for a season as opposed to a lifetime. During those times I have had to choose if I will erase the memory of their presence or embrace that our friendship was precisely that, for a season.  I am so grateful for friendships that are tried and true and also equally appreciative of how new relationships are formed and bring such goodness to me.

People that are good for you, good to you and good for the soul. I used to only count the first two in my decisions of who I surrounded myself with. I did not know about good for the soul until I spent enough time learning about what my soul longed for. I have learned that every soul is unique and longs for something. It is for each person to discover and it is indeed a process of discovery. But be curious about yourself and learn about your own needs. Be curious about others and ask what it is that their soul longs for. Be curious my friends and live and love well!



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