to be certain of the dawn…

December 27, 2012, I posted this on Facebook:

“This is the task: In the darkest night to be certain of the dawn, certain of the power to turn a curse into a blessing, agony into a song.” (Rabbi Heschel)

The-Break-of-Dawn.jpegI am sure that I read it very differently today than when I posted it 5 years ago. Five years ago we were a few days past learning my brother had died in a car accident and awaiting his visitation and funeral on December 29, 30 and 31. I am sure in those days I wondered about the dawn, the blessing and the song.

I wonder where your heart is as you read this today, December 27, 2017.

What words resonate in your heart: is it the darkest night that feels greater than life or perhaps the certainty of the Dawn? Do you believe deep within you of the power to turn that curse into a blessing? I wonder if you can tell a story about the deep pain of agony that was transformed in some mysterious way and made room for a song?

I am acutely aware of death and loss, especially during the holidays. This is not only because of Len’s passing but also because this time of year a deep ache of loss feels oddly prevalent in many people’s lives.

Tonight, as I reflect on this quote, I want you to know if you are experiencing a dark night, you are not alone. It is my hope you will feel a presence in the darkness. Presence of those who love you, support you and the presence of a loving God who cares.

If you are most aware of the certainty of the Dawn during these days, I am grateful for the light and the promise that comes with the fresh start in the dawn of each new day. I hope that you will breathe deeply and inhale the goodness of the Dawn.

If the curse feels larger or the blessing is budding, if the agony is rooted in your gut or if the song is being composed…cling to hope my friends. I am grateful for dawn, blessing, and song today!

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