A Sacred Ache…

I am really enjoying writing again, and I so appreciate the feedback I receive from those of you who take time to read. I believe that the week between Christmas and New Years may always lean towards grief, loss, and life as a way to honor Len and his story.

Tonight, I read a comment that settled deep into the peaceful place in my heart.

Thoughts of you all during this time of remembering Len. No matter how life goes on after the death of someone you dearly love, there always remains a “sacred ache” in your heart, and that is a good thing-remember with love!!

lovenadlossI know that my friend Rosemary shares those words because she also has a sacred ache. And as I read her words, I nodded in agreement, yes, a sacred ache is a good thing!

Do you also have a sacred ache?

The reason the ache is present could be due to the death of someone or others things as well. There may be death by illness, accident, miscarriage, old age, or so many other causes. Perhaps it is not death, but a loss of a different kind. Maybe it is unmet longings or a broken relationship or the impact of dementia in someone you love.

There is something about a sacred ache that feels honoring and honest. I like that combination, naming what is true in a way that does not provoke despair.

I invite you to consider your sacred ache and give yourself space to honor the loss and the love!