Christmas Clues…

2014-06-07 22.53.36When the kids were young, there always was an abundance of energy, noise, conversation, laughter, and excitement, especially at Christmas.

I don’t recall precisely when I started writing clues, but it continues today. What used to bring order to an energized group of excited children, continues as a tradition still today.

I wonder what Christmas traditions were birthed in your homes? Do you have something that started out of a necessity to bring order to a rambunctious group of young ones that auntrishandkidscontinues still today as the young ones grow into young adults?

Here is how the clues work. Gifts are organized to coordinate with the clues.  I hand over a gift, and my Dad then reads the coordinating clue. When the kids were younger, they all stood up, and with each clue, more kids sat down. As it got to the third clue, the excitement built as to who would be left standing. As they all got older, it is now more of a verbal I am in or I am out process. The lucky kid then comes to the gift chair and opens the gift with everyone watching. It takes time, allows everyone to focus on the receiver, and makes for great photos of each person as they open their gifts. Here are some examples from 2011.

This gift is for you if…


You play or have played an insturment You have your own FB account Your Facebook Info reads: I am funky and outgoing and love to wear really bright clothing.
This gift is for you if…


You were born in an even year You are a grandaughter Your the fifth youngest grandchild
This gift is for you if…


You have a spring or summer birthday If you total the digits of your age, they equal Isaiah’s age – 1 Janneke is living in your birth country

If you are looking for something fun to do this year for gift giving, give this a try. I promise it is a fun way to bring order, anticipation and a way to highlight and celebrate all those little things that make each child unique in the midst of a loving and supportive family.

And now I am off to work on Christmas 2017 Clues.