The night before Christmas…

Well not quite yet, but I am sitting in my living room with the fire on, the house cleaned, all my gifts under the tree. The snow is piling up outside as the wind howls, and the cold feels almost painful when it meets your face.

I wonder if this is the sense of satisfaction that parents feel the night before Christmas.

So, it is not the night before Christmas, but it is the night before the Visiting Angels caregiver open house at my home and I am marveling as I go through their gifts and cards and feeling so grateful for each and every one.

Our Caregivers are a variety of ages, some in their 20’s and some in their 80’s and a lot in between. They live all over West Michigan and come from all different backgrounds. They vary in personality like the uniqueness of each snowflake, and they are gifted in such a variety of ways.


The food is bought, and the options are abundant. The sweets and fruit will offset each other. There will be such good energy and joy. I so enjoy the conversations, the experiences shared, the memories made, the laughter, the tears, and I can say without hesitation, that every story shared comes from such giving hearts.

I am grateful for this bunch of people who make up our multitude of angels. They are dear souls who brave the winter roads and drip in the summer heat as they serve the needs of so many. It will be good to celebrate them tomorrow during this Christmas Season.

“A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!”

Author: Charles Dickens