Seasons of change…

I wrote the title with confidence and knew I wanted to write about Change as this last day of 2017 comes to a close. And yet, I have stared at a blank page for quite some time. What is it that I want to say…

I think I want to put words to what has become clear to me in 2017.

In 2017 I began to realize that friendships change.

Good friendships where stories have been shared and held, where the journey has felt sweet and secure and in some space of my heart, where I believed that the friendships would last until we were all old, well, those bonds, they change.

seaonsofchange.jpgIn 2017 I began to embrace the reality of seasons of friendships.

Really good and sweet friendships may only be for a season.

There was a ministry that had been a big part of my life since my mid 20’s. During those 20+ years, I came to know many beautiful friends. As the ministry has changed, the friendships have changed. It has been a challenging and difficult part of my 2017. There may not be an apparent reason, a misunderstanding or an argument that ends a season of friendship, but I began to embrace that relationships shift over time.

When I began to embrace that friendships shift, at no fault of one or the other, I freed myself from wondering where I failed or where I have been failed. Sometimes the season ends and it is good to hold all that was shared with deep love and respect and bless the season that was.

I believe the idea of holding all that was shared with deep love and respect and bless the season that was extends beyond my experiences with changing friendships in 2017. Is there something you have also experienced as changing or fleeting in 2017? Does some change in your life feel odd or mysterious? I invite you to consider blessing the transition and free yourself from trying to figure it out. Create space for something new in your heart.

I am aware that some relationships require conversation and reconciliation and those things are a priority for sure. But this change of which I am experiencing feels different than conflict. It feels like the ebb and flow of life and the willingness to allow change to happen. I invite you to trust that as the season changes, what you have experienced and shared (and lost in some sense)can remain as good and what is to come can be anticipated with hope.

I am looking forward to a year that will invite me to grow, love, forgive, laugh, weep, celebrate, rest, stretch, work, serve, worship and change with the seasons that are sure to unfold. I hope that your year will also hold much goodness and invitation to the same. I hope you too will find God to be in the spaces of change that feel mysterious and difficult, and in the struggle, you will choose to bless all that is good!

Happy New Year!