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Do you ever have it where you read something on Facebook worth sharing, but finding it again can be a challenge? I have started taking screenshots, and my collection is growing.

This one spoke to me. I wonder if you have ever equated your purpose to goal-based achievement in so many ways that can be our default space. I like the idea of our purpose defined in our being instead of our doing.

Blessed be His name!May be an image of text

Stop and catch a glimpse

I wonder if anyone else is finding it difficult to grasp that we are heading into July. I feel like Summer is still coming. It is plenty warm, although a bit rainy, and yet it isn’t really so much about the weather.

I don’t know if it is a post covid feeling or just the reality that every day moves quickly into the next, and soon we are through one season and welcoming another.

I learned of a facility today that is on lockdown due to a few COVID cases, and I find myself caught off guard as I process that news. I hear of long-time marriages ending in divorce, and my heart aches for those who believe there is no hope. I speak with many people in a day who would like to receive care in their home, and I am stumped as to what steps to take to increase the number of caregivers we employ. In the midst of all this, I long for the freshness of summer and the time to enjoy it!

But tonight, I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful sky. I tried to capture it, but there was no way to reveal the depth of orange, purple, yellow, and pink. There was a brightness and a sense of amazingness that not even words can describe. And I thought of the rainbows this week. And the moon…

I am reminded that even when it feels like so much is out of my control in the midst of a day. There is beauty and freshness. There is a miracle in so much that surrounds us. Even in the hardships, God can and will work.

Take time to catch a glimpse of those moments that can’t be shared in pictures and only minimally described in words. I am thankful for the beauty on this summer night!

Better than a hallelujah

May be an image of text that says 'Helping hands are holier than praying lips. ~Mother Teresa'I will never forget when I first heard the lyrics to this song. It was a time when I was struggling with how some people I admired seemed to be more about the talk of faith than the action. I was transitioning into my 20’s and sorting out what it meant to be a believer who loved Jesus and loved people.

I believe that there is a space in our world for faith conversations. But I wonder where we miss the real conversations sometimes. I wonder how much often we miss the faith conversation in the “better than a hallelujah!

This song has always spoken to my heart. It speaks to how I connect with Jesus, and it speaks to how I want to join others in their walk with a loving and wild Savior!

Listen and enjoy.

It is worth the listen!

Blessed be His name!


The delight of anticipation

Last week I spent an evening with my great-niece. She is not yet two, but she is so amazingly aware of all that surrounds her. I took this series of pictures. Over her short life, she has come to anticipate and love when her Papa and Beppe move towards her with the cloth to clean her up after a meal.

I watched this unfold, her anticipation, squeals, how she awaited the predictable and yet delighted with her whole body in the fun of getting cleaned up, I began to reflect on anticipation.

I believe as we get older, we minimize or become numb to anticipation in many ways. Life is busy and somehow we lose the delight of anticipation. We just take it as it comes. There isn’t as much that captivates us anymore, it seems!

But when I saw the delight and felt the joy that sweet Frankie experienced in this straightforward and routine exchange of getting cleaned up after dinner, I committed to paying more attention to anticipation in my world.  I have noticed this week that to tune into anticipation, I am slowing down and considering what I am looking forward to and what I hope for in the events that fill my day.

Not everything feels squeal-worthy but just keeping this picture nearby reminds me that it doesn’t have to be an extra special something. Likely there is the thrill and delight of anticipation in many everyday happenings.

Thank you, sweet girl, for inspiring my soul!

Blessed be His name!

If you remember, say their name…

I started my Social Work career in 2000 as a Hospice social worker. I learned so much from those I journeyed with. I was young and new in the field. I trusted my gut, and I listened carefully. Perhaps it was a gift that went both ways, I gave them my attentive listening, and they taught me so much about walking the road of grief with someone.

Since 2000, I have walked my own road of grief, most poignantly in my brother’s death and then my father. We often spoke of how kind and supportive people are for a season in our grief groups.  That is really how it goes, and it is ok. Everyone is walking in their own story, and it is such a gift when one stops along the way to be present with someone else. But we all know that for those closest to the loss, the sorrow is an ongoing journey.

What I have heard in so many longing hearts and experienced over the years in remembering Len and my Dad is what a gift it is when someone stops and mentions their name. It may be in something they miss, a shared remembrance, sharing a funny memory that brings laughter, or even just acknowledging they remember….

I hope you have people in your life who remember your loved ones and call them by name.

This blog was birthed this morning as I read these words. Lauren, my new niece by marriage, who married Len’s oldest son last week, posted this, and I want to ensure it is forever part of my family story in this blog.

Thank you, Lauren, for naming Len (in this case with a photo) and blessing his investment while on this earth. He would have loved being your father-in-law!

happy father’s day in heaven to my father-in-law. thank you for raising such an amazing son who has now become an amazing husband. the family you helped create has held, loved, and welcomed me in such beautiful ways. I’m forever grateful for your love, light, and legacy.

May be an image of 1 person, child and standingBe courageous and creative, and remember to visit the stream of sorrow that flows in the hearts of those you like and love. It is really very simple. Start by just saying their name!

Blessed be His name!

For those who miss their Dads….

I read one of my high school classmates’ Facebook posts today. It said this: “The older you get, the more you miss your father. Happy Father’s Day in Heaven.” I hear you, David Kalman, and I agree!

This resonated with me, and for a moment, I thought I wish there was a way to reconvene with your high school classmates as we enter our 50’s. Not really a reunion kind of reconvening but a sit-in-class and talk about the real stuff that we have learned. The stuff that matters. It seems like we all understand life a little differently. It seems as if we would be able to sit and talk about the real things now.

I know many of my classmates know the ache of losing a parent. So often, at our age and our parents’ age, it isn’t tragic, but it is life-altering. There are days we wish for what was: the simplicity of a steak dinner or a game of golf.

I read this today and thought it said it well. I will share it with you, not just my classmates, but any of you who are missing your Dad on Father’s Day. I feel you, and I can relate!

To the Dads who are missing on Father’s Day,
We will say your sayings, play your favorite songs and try our very best not shy away from the beautiful memories that sting so bittersweetly.
You left a space so wide it could encompass the world some days but we strive to fill it nonetheless, with the unconditional love, you instilled within us all.
There is plenty to go around and we promise not to withhold it, you would have been sad to see that.
So, with your wise words stored deep within our hearts, your laughter the soundtrack of the day, and your smile imprinted upon our souls, we salute you and send you so much love.
You are missed.
So very very missed.
Happy Father’s Day
Donna Ashworth
Image by Joe Therasakdhi

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Arrogance and Ignorance

It is so good to be able to write again. I have 5 posts that did not upload and lost all formatting. But tonight looks like I may be back in business. If you are reading this, you will know I was successful! If you see several posts come through in a short time, you will know my reformatting is underway!

Today I got thinking about these two words. I don’t want to preach and teach. I really want to let you know that I was intrigued by where they play into each other.

I often find that in ignorance, I make arrogant statements. That, of course, is not something I say lightly or proudly.  When we speak of things we do not truly know in a way that casts judgment or is presented with an attitude of superiority or a desire to influence, I am learning to hear myself and pause.

I want to live with a generous heart and spirit in my words, attitudes, and actions. I want to ensure my heart is humble and my words are honest. I would rather say I do not understand or I can not imagine than make assumptions. I want to be curious about people and spaces I feel strongly about. I want to learn. I want to lead with kindness. I want to create space for all people.

Do you ever find that arrogance and ignorance intersect in your statements and conversations. I believe it is an area where frequent self-assessment is needed. May we all continue to keep an open heart to how we can change and grow.

Errors in posting

I was horrified tonight to realize my blogs have not been posting. I can post from my phone, but there must be a glitch somewhere as my past days all return error messages. Tomorrow I will get on with tech support and sort it out.

Funny that I just commented on my streak and now it appears I stopped posting as Thursday night was my last entry.

Watch sometime tomorrow for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays posts.

Technology is such a blessing and a curse.


Blessed be His Name, even in the technology glitches!

Preparing for the big day

This is posted a bit late due to technical errors.                             June 11, 2021

Today we drove to Detroit and slowly have been running into my family at the hotel. It is a night of anticipation and excitement. I remember being busy with responsibilities at so many of the weddings I have been to. Although I am zooming the wedding, I feel like I can take a bit of a back seat and watch all that is unfolding.

There is a lot of joy and laughter. This is such a gift for a family that was once shaken to its core by grief and loss when my brother died. They have grown and changed since that night. They can marvel at God’s goodness and provision. They understand deep, profound joy because they have been to the pit of dark and messy grief.

I am excited for Lauren and Noah to establish their home and journey life till death do them part. I am in awe of the joy Noah holds in his being for life itself. It is simply beautiful to watch Lauren radiate her goodness as she anticipates her wedding day.

On the night before, preparing for the big day, I am full of gratitude for all the people surrounding me.

Blessed be His name!


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