I love to celebrate the birthdays of those close to my heart. It is a day when I can generously lavish goodness in creative ways. Although I don’t often plan way ahead, I love it when I think of unique ways to express gratitude for the kindness that fills the soul of the one being honored.

heather5.jpgToday was that day for my soul mate friend Heather. We have known each other a long time, but our friendship began to grow to new depths when we started working together at Visiting Angels about 13 years ago.

When Jane told Heather we had chosen her as our new employee Heather squealed with delight and said she felt as if she had just won American Idol. That is so Heather, she is expressive and full of joy.

Heather and I have not only journeyed our day to day together, but we have also both been involved with Open Heart Ministries where we have committed to the journey of being emotionally healthy individuals who love others well. We have explored what we believe about God, ourselves and others and how that hinders our ability to live out who God heather1created us to be. That my friends is a journey where you grow in heart and admiration for each other. The journey of our hearts is what has created a foundation of friendship that is solid and secure.

Even with a solid and secure foundation of friendship, we do not always see eye to eye. We know each other well enough that we have learned how to fight and resolve our disagreements. We speak honestly, understand each other’s tears, laugh till we cry and can work in total silence or talk for 12 hours straight.

I want to share with you some of the words from Visiting Angel Caregivers about what they enjoy about my dear friend:

It has been a pleasure to work with you and marvel at the impossible tasks you manage each day always with a smile and gentle attitude.  Hope your day is as special as you.  Happy Birthday.

Heather, you have a gentle spirit and loving heart, may you be blessed abundantly on your birthday and throughout the year.  

friendquote2Hope you have a wonderful birthday as you are a beautiful, sweet, kind, thoughtful, and caring gal.  I knew I wanted to work for the Angels because you made such an impression on me when I interviewed with you!  

You were the first person I met at Visiting Angels.  I remember coming from my orientation and feeling that you were a very kind and loving soul. My perception of you has never changed and simply being an employee has turned into being a friend.  I appreciate all you do with the love of Christ in your heart.  Thank you, my friend, and may your special day be VERY special filled with all the good things God can give.
My friend is a beautiful soul, a fantastic woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, an aunt, a heather3sister, and a niece. She has known deep heartache and great joy! She is full of laughter, love, honesty, kindness, loyalty, and worship.
Happy 43rd Birthday Heather! I am so looking forward to all this year will hold for you and those you love and for us in the adventures that we continue to embrace each and every day!
Love you soul sister, co-worker, and friend!

Family Dinner

Tonight was family dinner. I started hosting these a few years back during tax season. During tax season my brother in law works through dinner, and it was helpful for my sister when her kids were younger to have some adult company and support during the dinner hour. As the kids have gotten older, we all still look forward to family dinner.

dinnerisbetterDinner is simple, tonight it was bean soup and meat and cheese buns, and it is not an all-night affair since there is homework and bedtimes and meetings and other things for the rest of us. But there is something so sweet about the time we are together.

Tonight as we were visiting before we served dinner, I was struck by how my 8-year-old niece began suggesting in a light-hearted way that we should eat together every night at the different family member homes. As my Aunt teased her that her kitchen doesn’t know how to cook, she suggested a progressive dinner so she could just provide dessert.

Tonight at Family Dinner I heard my 11-year-old nephew pray that his sister wouldn’t be nervous for her school presentation tomorrow and I smiled at how his kind and tender heart comes out in prayers at the table.

As we continued with family dinner, I felt deep peace. Traditions and memories are being made at family dinner. Conversation is shared at family dinner. And as we wrapped up tonight’s family dinner, there was a question about if we can do it again next week. Yes, we will do family dinner again next week!

Do you have family who lives close to you? Or maybe you have friends who are like family. Consider a standing something, weekly, monthly or even a tea time where you share something enjoyable Life is busy, and it is so easy to miss the opportunity to create space that is low stress and highly enjoyable with people you hold close to your heart! I know for me, family dinner is always a time I am thankful for.





The sun will come out


I would guess that most everyone knows that song from Annie. I have been reflecting on it the last few days.

This past weekend my Facebook memory popped up from 5 years ago.

64475_10151241639195426_161515565_n.jpgIt was February 18, 2013, and we were gathered to celebrate Christmas. We were celebrating late because my oldest brother was buried on New Years Eve weekend after dying in a car accident a few days before Christmas. None of us were in the space to celebrate Christmas. I remember wondering if we would gather at all that Christmas. It didn’t seem possible or even right. And yet 6 weeks later, we gathered, and it was a painfully sweet time. There were many tears and also laughter. There was a thick ache present as a result of all we had been through, and there were glimpses, ever so small, that Len would live on in each of us in a variety of ways.

And now this picture pops up, and it has been 5 years since we said our goodbye to Len and then awkwardly gathered to celebrate Christmas. I don’t know if I will ever lose the memory of how foreign that first family gathering felt. I think we all wondered how to navigate this new reality, a reality none of us ever saw coming.

Today, I can confidently say, the ache is present but not as deep, the tears flow, but not as often, the memories are shared and often bring a smile or laughter. Recently Len’s 14-year-old son sent me this with this caption: really am missing him!

Jean-Marc who was 9 at the time of the accident, now longs for his Dad in his 14 year old life. And yet to hear his voice and to see him in a video reminds us of our loss but even more of the unique goodness that filled a room when he was present. We will always miss his goodness!

If you are in a season of grief or loss, I want to assure you that the sun will come out again. Maybe not tomorrow, but some tomorrow I trust you will feel the promise and hope of a new day. A day which offers you more hope than pain, more comfort than sorrow and the assurance that the sun will shine again!

Valentines Day expressions

This morning Facebook greets me with many different reflections of how people celebrate Valentine’s day. I always enjoy seeing the unique expressions of kindness and love.

I have a favorite one I read this morning, and I am pretty confident it won’t be replaced as the day goes on.

A few reasons why this Valentine expression makes the top of my list:

It speaks to the goodness of two millennials when not a lot of good is said about this age group these days.

It speaks to the creativity of expression, love, and commitment across the miles.

It is priceless and doesn’t cost a dime. Instead of investing dollars to make an impact, Lauren shares words straight from her heart.

It speaks the truth! I happen to know the boy she is writing to, and I nodded my head and smiled the whole way through!

It is kind, affirming and full of appreciation for the fellow he is!

I wonder what marks your valentine expression of love this year? Consider following Lauren’s lead and put words on paper about specific ways you appreciate the one you love and affirm him/her for all the goodness s/he brings to your life.

Happy Valentine’s day Lauren and Noah! I love you both with my whole heart!

477800: long distance sucks


Since I have started college, whenever I happen to run into someone from home, the conversation doesn’t get very far without the question “How is Noah?”. I’m not mad about this, I mostly find it funny. It was pretty impossible to know one of us without knowing the other. We were a team, and still are even though we are apart. When I get that question, I also get a little feeling of pride because I know that most of the time people aren’t asking this just to make small talk, they ask because they have likely had the opportunity to know and love Noah Borgdorff for the crazy, exciting, and eccentric person that he is.

It is weird to have zero plans for valentines day…not that our schedules really allowed for us to have plans before, and if I am completely honest, I have been dreading this day for months. I wish that we were at my house drinking slurpies from 7/11 and watching basketball, but we can’t always get what we want.

So today, I have decided to celebrate Noah (in the least awkward way possible) not just for the way that he loves me, but for the way that he loves people in general. I went through a box with over four years of letters to try to formulate this super sophisticated “hallmark-esque” post, but then I just laughed at how poorly that would characterize our situation. For us, it has NEVER been like that. We have rarely ever take ourselves seriously and have, for the most part, created a relationship that works best for us. I am proud of that. So instead, I wrote down some favorite memories as well as the parts of Noah’s personality that make me proud to know and love him. As I did this, I realized that it was very likely that writing this down on paper was doing much more for me than it will likely do for anyone else, but nonetheless…


I hope they make you smile.

Noah Borgdorff once snuck a disposable camera into the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam (which is illegal) just to take a picture of my favorite painting for me.

In high school, he rarely ever turned away a teammate or classmate in need of a ride no matter the distance.

He bought me a pair of $100 Birkenstocks so that we would have matching tan lines

He frequently makes me dance with him inside OR outside of restaurants whenever my “attitude problem” starts to flare up (shrugs)

After an argument about why I think Ohio is the worst state ever, he then proceeded to mail me an actual buckeye he found on the ground… in an envelope….I am not lying.

He is always game for a 3-4 hour road trip to the west side of the state.

He already has his Instagram caption for when he turns 40.

He continues to raise the bar for me every birthday, and to give you some insight as to what that means, his plans for my 15th birthday included him coming to my house at 6:30 in the morning to decorate both the inside and the outside of my house.

The love that he shows for his family looks like something out of a movie. I’m not kidding, it is so cool.

This past fall he put together packages for the homeless and then drove around Cincinnati giving them out to people in need. Wow.

Lastly, the other day I was talking to him about how frustrating it was for me to try and find a way to fund my trip to Nicaragua, and the first thing he asked me was if I prayed about it. Wow.

I know what you’re thinking, “wow he’s perfect”, but let’s not let him get a big head just because I carefully left out all of the odd smells and loud annoying noises.

Even though we won’t be together for at least a few more months, I don’t wanna waste this awesome (made up) holiday being sad when I could celebrate how clumsily we fell in love and how much it has blessed my life.

And to Noah, thanks for growing up with me and for being such an amazing example of how Christ wants us to love others.

See you soon.



Lesson from the golf course

Today was my first round of golf in 2018. It is always fun to know I can still hit the ball, but I am also aware there is so much room for improvement. I was not surprised by that at all and really am ok with that as well. I am far from a perfectionist and have only played golf for the last few years, but I do enjoy that so much of a good golf game is about my level of concentration and focus on the details of proper form and habits.

Today in the excitement of being on the course again, I found myself making the same mistakes over and over. I began to pay attention to the details. Is my grip right? Are my feet positioned right? Is my distance from the ball right? About halfway through the first 9 holes, something clicked. I realized I was overswinging, in my desire to hit the ball long and far, I was swinging too hard. It took me a few holes to adjust, and I began to feel the difference when I didn’t try to swing so hard. When I gave it less power in my swing, I would actually hit it further.

I wonder if you can identify with that feeling? Have you ever tried too hard for something you desired? Did you experience that when you just give it what you have to offer, your results were actually better?

It is not only in golf that I know this feeling. I can relate to this in other areas of my life as well. I have worked too hard sometimes at making friendships happen, I have tried to hard sometimes to unite a group of people, I have offered too much goodness sometimes, instead of empowering someone to struggle on their own and find their own strength.

What I was reminded of on the course today was not new to me and reminds me of this truth:


Tuning my senses…

Today was a beautiful day on Anna Marie Island. It is hard to believe that it will be mid 80’s all week with a gentle breeze and very little rain, or so the forecast says. Time will tell, and I am pretty convinced that even if that changed, the week will be excellent!

IMG_7709Today I became aware that on this second day of vacation, my senses feel very keen. As I have been reviewing the day, I am intrigued by what I am writing about. I am reflecting on the beauty of the sunset, the warmth of the pool water, the softness of the sand, the roar of the waves, the taste IMG_7680and the tenderness of the perfectly grilled steaks and the sound of laughter that started early today and continued on till bedtime. As that all comes to my mind, I am aware that at home, my senses seem to be dulled by….hmmm by what?

Is it the pace of life, or the environment?

Is it routine that dulls my senses or perhaps a lack of mindfulness?

Or maybe it is just that I have not tuned into those small miracles that surround me at home.

I am grateful for that simple lesson today. I wonder how tuned in your senses are? Do you see, taste, hear, smell, or feel the goodness that surrounds you each day?

I am eager to get home, well, after this week, and experience my world with finer tuned senses!



Anna Marie Island

I will be honest, I had never heard about Anna Marie Island before I scheduled our vacation for this week. We wanted to find sunshine and warmth for golf and beach walking and accommodations that would work for the six of us.

IMG_6364Every February I take a week to go away with my parents, very dear family friends and my Aunt and I. We have good conversations, we laugh a lot, we play cards most evenings, and I find it to be a time I am very grateful for.

As I anticipate this week on Anna Marie, I feel like we might have discovered a gold mine we didn’t even know we were looking for. The number of people who I have heard from who have long traditions of coming to Anna Marie creates excitement and anticipation about what we will experience this week.FullSizeRender-1

I find my thoughts wandering a bit between life at home and breathing in the goodness of all that awaits. I am relaxing in a bedroom with a comfy soft king size bed, the breeze is coming in the open windows, and the fairly large TV is playing the Olympics in the background. I am anticipating that tomorrow’s sun will bring mid 80’s, a lovely worship time at Bradenton CRC, steaks on the grill with roasted Brussel sprouts and some time walking along the ocean, laying by the pool and soaking in the goodness that surrounds me. I love that my fit bit just had a fireworks show for me because I hit my 10,000 step goal today.

And so why is this blog worthy?

For me, I want to remember the goodness of all I am anticipating. I am aware that so much of what I experience is influenced by how I am entering into it. It is not difficult to expect goodness in almost every moment this week. But I must remember, it is true every day, about all I experience. I wonder how aware you are of what thoughts and beliefs you are carrying into your day and all it holds. Do you anticipate and expect the best of most things or do you struggle with feeling defeated before you move into a situation?

I want to experience this day and this week entirely. I am committed to experiencing every day and each week fully. I hope you will join me in being curious about your thoughts and beliefs and begin to allow the goodness of life start as gratitude and hope. Let gratitude and hope fill your heart, soul, and mind.

Signing off tonight feeling deeply grateful