Self Care

It seems like every time I spend time looking at Pinterest I am surprised at how much I enjoy it. There are so many ideas, and I find my mind and heart provoked with good thoughts. Recently I came across this self-care schedule.

I am committed to self-care in theory as I work to live a life of wellness for my mind, body, and soul. But often at the end of the day, I struggle to identify where I took the time to care, even in small ways, for myself.

Then I came across this self-care schedule. It took me a few days to decide to print it and a few days more to decide to post it. I find it interesting to pause each day and read the questions for the given day. It is fascinating to notice where I see myself considering the issues and how I am starting to transition into action. I can feel my intention growing as I prioritize self-care in new ways in 2018.

Self-care used to include stopping the chaos that seemed to always be circling around my mind and heart. I am so very grateful that I have moved beyond that and am no longer living in that cyclone of chaos. Now I must consider the next steps. It is no longer self-care for me to sit in the quiet, I am ready for a new level of self-care. For me, I am enjoying that the self-care invites me to engage the clutter or engage my thoughts on my body image or invite me to lose inhibitions in places I feel stiff or stilted.

I am grateful for the spaces I am choosing to consider and embrace self-care. Thanks to Pinterest, I have a structure to work with. I hope you are embracing your self-care this year. I hope your self-care is engaging your mind, body, and soul and is full of kindness for yourself and your story. selfcareschedule.jpg


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