Listen to your body…

I am learning that my body really does speak. Often I have been to busy to hear what my body is saying, but one of the benefits of early morning workouts is that I seem to have opened my ears to listen to the messages my body is sending.

listentoyourbodyI used to be only in tune with the messages of pain or tiredness or hunger. As I have journeyed, I have learned that there are messages of strength and energy and satisfaction. I have learned that my body will crave foods that are fuel and will soak up good moisturizing lotion. Bath oils and stretching are forms of treating my body kindly. And it really is true that my body whispers and if I don’t pay attention, it will continue to speak louder.

As I write this, I paused to email my trainer. I am aware that my knee is hurting and I have been intentionally ignoring it today. I cannot be limited by an injury this year. I have big goals to hit. And yet as I type I am aware, my body is speaking. Ignoring the message is not a kind or mature way to respond. I am hopeful my fantastic trainer Noah will have some options for my workouts, and I must remember that I can listen and still move forward in my goals. When your body speaks, the kindest thing is to hear and not lose hope. Our bodies are incredible acts of creation, and the more I listen to the messages it offers me, the more my gratitude grows for the integral complexity of my body and long to care for it well.

I hope in 2018, you will begin to listen to the whispers of your body and attune your ear to the messages you need to hear. I have learned that the more present I am with my self, mind, body, and spirit, the more present I am able to be with others!