The gift of art

Lately, I have been noticing art.

I have been drawn into color and life-giving art.

I have stopped in my tracks as some pieces speak to the deep gut level ache that life can bring either in our own stories or in the stories of others.

Tonight I leave you with a few pieces that bring both joy and reflection for me. I wish I could sit with each of you and hear what they provoke in you!

Take time and notice art, and even more importantly, be curious about the art, the artist, and how the same piece can bring such varied responses in so many people around you!

Street artist Kevin Lee called his work "the invisibility of poverty". :  interestingasfuckArtist Kevin Lee called his piece: The invisibility of Poverty.









Kelsey Montague Art speaks life and adventure to me and has a sense of inviting me to stay and enjoy a while! No photo description available.Never pass up a swing. They're good for... - Kelsey Montague Art | Facebook


Melancholy, the emptiness that incapacitates us through grief

Melancholy, a sculpture created by Albert Gyorgy, portrays the void that grief leaves us with. The sculpture depicts a figure made of copper sitting on a bench slumped over, with a giant hole in its center. This hole represents the massive void that we all feel when we lose someone dear to us, and many people have expressed their appreciation for this sculpture for it portraying the exact emotions they feel but perhaps haven’t been able to quite put into words.
Grateful for expression in so many varied forms,
Blessed be His name!

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