discovered her real measurements had nothing to do with numbers or statistics….Celebrate her Self Esteem! (Taken from She….)

Today was a day where I learned about my self-esteem. About taking what I believe in my head and putting it to practice. The reality of NBC filming presented me with a challenge I had not expected. I prayed this morning that I would not be distracted by the camera’s, Sunshine and O’Neal’s presence or the activity that was surrounding me through out my day. It was difficult, but at the end of the day, I will say that I was able to stay on task…climbing the big steep hills to the best of my ability (got to the top, but not real fast yet), working out hard in the circuit and not even paying attention to the cameras and reminded myself throughout the struggle that this is worth it.

At the end of our long (but good) day, O’Neal motioned me out of the pool cause it was time for my interview with NBC. Now, what I quickly realized was this interview was going to be while in my swim suit. Talk about having to speak truth into my mind and not think about my hair or my lack of make up or the fact that my suit is not my favorite outfit.

But I reminded myself that this process is about my learning to embrace who I am fully, body and all, and to share my heart as I have opportunity. So, I did that today and will wait to see what, if any, is used in the Biggest Loser Thanksgiving Special.

I went into the day tired….I am ending the day tired. I am very much looking forward to Sunday, our rest day, and a massage I scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I miss my friends and family (and my dog) but I am almost half way through an experience that is really teaching me to believe, deep in my being, that my real measurements have nothing to do with numbers or statistics. That being said, I still look forward to transforming my physical body…and that is well underway!

It is not yet 9 pm but it is time for me to sleep. Tomorrow is a 4 am alarm as we hit the walking trails at 5 am….

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. It helps to get me through difficult moments and makes the good ones all the better!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Thank you for being so truthful! I look forward to your daily blogs! May you rest peacefully and deeply and look forward to your day of rest on Sunday.

  2. Wow! Talk about having to face a fear… are doing it moment by moment, in every choice you make to keep on, Trish! Back home we all know how amazing you are…..I hope the world gets a chance to see what we see. A woman with a wonderful heart for people who is learning to love herself just as fully as she loves others. Love you, my friend! Talk to you tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Wow – what an experience. I truly love your ambition. It has challenged me with my excuses: it’s too early, it’s too cold outside, etc… way to go!!

  4. Good going Trish – you are almost halfway there (if the experience is to be measured in length of days). But, from your notes I have to conclude that it is a whole lot more of an experience for you than just the 14 days. In any event, be well – stay with it – and we’ll look forward to your return.


  5. To my friend of courage and strength. Oddly, this blog brought tears to the surface. The truths you face each day and the sharing of the truths touches me. Transparency. Thoughts of you come up thru the day and paryers for you to remain strong…Love to you Ms. Trish!!!

  6. I am getting Dutch ready for you. We ran again yesterday and played fetch for a long time. She is starting to understand how to not pull 🙂 She says aaaarararar hi momma. Keep it up friend!!

  7. Wow! You are having a chock-full schedule both physically and emotionally. Keep up the good work! Love reading your blogs.

  8. Trish,
    You’re such a wonderful person, and I am very happy for you because I know how badly you want this.
    Your posts are inspiring and heartfelt, and it’s really nice to be a part of your heart.
    The truth be known, I don’t know any women, no matter what size who would be comfortable on camera with no makeup, in a bathing suit.
    I know I could use some self acceptance when it comes to my body. Maybe through your experience and what you are sharing, I can somehow learn that lesson too? Why am I very ok with my inside but not my outside? I guess if I had to choose what I would be more comfortable with, I would stick with the inside.
    I wish you the best blessings God has to offer you because you deserve them! Hope the world gets to see what a truly remarkable and inspirational woman you are.

  9. trish
    congratulations on your first i have followed your blog i am humbled by your openess and honesty about yourself .you are truly a remarkable woman.i wish you all the best for this coming week and know that as you make this journey not only are you making journey for yourself ,you are also inspiring others thru your words and your courage to also make or begin journeys for themselves.thank you trish for being you and i look forward to the rest of your journey

    do what have to so that you can do what you want to

    have a great day and a great week

  10. Trish, I remember meeting you years ago when you loved our girls at Sunshine, in the years that are so valuable in their lives. You inspired me then to get involved in ministry and to give the Lord your all… you have done this with visiting angels and now with your health! You are still someone I admire. I am praying for this to be a stepping stone for greater things in your life yet to come! Thankyou for sharing this with all of us! Press on!

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