Just who is this group of Americans?


Let me tell you about the group we have here. It is called the Kupborgdebos group.

It is made up from

IMG_8630KUP represents Aunt Dot who is our third parent. She has been as important to us in life as our parents in different ways. She has been my role model to live well as a single woman. She lives across the street from me and that has assisted our friendship in growing. We travel together, share life together and delight in the younger generations together. It is right that she represents the KUP in KUPborgdebosIMG_8761

BORG is a pretty easy one. The Borgdorff’s are a big group with lots of personality. We understand living and lLBorgdorff familyosing, celebrating and life. This represents my Dad and Mom who are faithful, generous and always creating space for us and others to gather. My oldest brother Len who now awaits us in heavin and hisnickandjonnafamily wife Marcia, Olivia, Sonta, Noah and Jean Marc. They come and fill  a room with wild etrishborgdorffnergy, sensitivity, compassion and an ability to get things done. Nick and Jonna, Andrew and Ryan bring commitment, discipline, brilliance and order to our group. They are witty and often have us laughing. I come as the aunt whose door is open and bed is always free for a house guest. I love celebrations and bring the invitation to my family to celebrate well.  And  together we make up the Borg in kupBORGdebos

The Dekams make up the DE and hold their space well. They number 8 of us with the dekam famaddition of Matthew Cole who married Janneke. The DeKams live life fully and with lots of joyful noise. The DE in kupborgDEbos brings much JOY.

And then we have our dear Suzi. The child who completed our original bunch. Suzi and Andy, Peter, Isaiah and Johanna. The Bos’ are a family who bring youth and laughter, delight IMG_8770.JPGand invite us all to be interactive with each other. The kupborgdeBOS would not be the same without these awesome five.

And that completes our Kupborgdebos group. Our pictures are labeled with #kupborgdebostakeseurope. Stay tuned for the adventures of our group walk to the North Sea.



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