Happy Birthday Dad

Peter Borgdorff

November 14, 1939 a little boy entered this world in Overschie, The Netherlands. How I wish I could hear my Oma or Opa recount the events of my Dads birth. There is something in the pictures we have when he was a child that always draw me in. He often had a look as if he was up to something and/or had something to say.

For those who knew my Dad, might agree with the idea that he was often up to something or had something to say. This did not wither away in his childhood.

My Dad was a man who was profoundly shaped by his story. There were key events such as war, immigration, education, work ethic, love ❤️, travel and The Church were all significant contributors to how he engaged all he believed about God, himself and others.

A Papa and his crew

As life went on in years, my Dad enjoyed the growing up of his grandkids. He would tease them, ask questions, pray for them and always share his pipe with them. He loved one on one times and I am so grateful for the memories we have from times shared together

My Dad was a well known and well loved guy. He traveled the world, but his favorite space was to be home with my Mom. We all miss him in so many spaces we once shared.

This is his 3rd birthday since he died. We will spend time celebrating his life with a game of pool or ping pong. We will tell stories and laugh and honor the ache that is ever present.

How we wonder what he would say about all that is unfolding around us. My Mom says it well, “he struggled to wear a seatbelt, how would he ever wear a mask?” He would grieve the division in our Nation. He would call God’s people to join together and rise up.

Our world gained a change agent on November 14, 1939. We lost a man we deeply loved in May of 2018. He lived with courage, conviction and boldness. He died with a deep sense of peace. Our parents taught us about a strong foundation and a deep and wide understanding of Jesus and His love.

So many things surround us that remind us of his life and goodness. One can not remember my Dad without his pipe, his love for family happy hour or his reminder to us, during the hardest of days when my brother was killed in a car accident, that the birds will sing in the morning.

Happy 81st birthday Dad. You are always in our hearts!

Blessed be his name!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad”

  1. What a wonderful story and sharing now, at the start of the loving holidays – great job! Thank you so much for this and helping me to bring back my own family memories. Happy Holidays!

  2. This is beautifully written, Trish. Thanks for letting us into your recollections of all that was good to remember about your much loved dad! It warms my heart to read and reflect on your memories.

  3. From Aunt Tina. Thanks, Trish. U certainly are your father’s daughter. U have such a way of putting our thoughts into words. 3 birthdays already ….but ur Mom would be right….this climate would be very difficult for him to accept….yet he would find a way to transverse thru it…and be an inspiration to us all. Take care, God Bless this day. Love u.

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