How can it be August 1st, yet again?

August 1, 2003, Visiting Angels of West Michigan opened our doors!

Would the phone ring?

Would applicants apply?

Would we be able to sustain?

Today I can tell you that we have done more than sustain. We have grown, we have changed, we have busted at the seams, and we have barely hung on, we have wondered and hoped and prayed and stretched our faith in significant ways! We have done more than sustained. We have lived each day fully as it has come our way!

It has been a daily work of so many people.

It has been those who have entrusted us with their care and finances.

It has been caregivers who say yes over and over and over again.

It has been office staff showing up and working late and giving it there all!

It has been those who have cheered us on and prayed for us and encouraged us and shared about Visiting Angels of West Michigan with others.

It has been everyone working together because together, we believe that all people deserve excellent care. Care that honors the space that our clients are in at any given moment. Care may be about getting stronger and more independent or care that may be about being present until the last breath is taken.
Sometimes the in-between space is when the care recipient is weary of living, and yet their body lives on! And so their Visiting Angel learns how to wait with them. Sometimes we wait through days or weeks or months or years. We share in the prayers at meals when our clients ask God, please take me, and we share in conversations of their questions of how long O Lord. And we show up and bring joy and peace and quality of life to the waiting.

2020 has been a year like none other so far. And yet we press on. Caregivers mask up, put on goggles, and face shields and say yes. They call in their temperatures, and they don’t complain. We laugh together, we wonder together, we weep together, and I am so grateful to be working with a team of staff and caregivers committed to caring for others from a deep conviction of their hearts!

We continue greeting and meeting, serving, loving, and being changed by the stories of people of all ages for 17 years!

I am profoundly grateful and continue to look forward to the years ahead. If you are part of our story, know that I am grateful for you!

I will leave you with some pictures of the joy we have shared in the last 17 years!

Be sure to click on the arrows to see some of the sweetest faces and moments!