He’s got the whole world…

I remember singing this as a child. Somehow it was so factual as we bellowed it out in Sunday School or at school or in bed at night where my sister and I would sing together before we drifted off to sleep.

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” is a traditional African American spiritual, first published in 1927. It became an international pop hit in 1957–58 in a recording by English singer Laurie London, and has been recorded by many other singers and choirs.

I am fascinated that this song is a traditional African American spiritual. And the kids in this video sure do know how to sing it.

Tonight, I find myself wondering what tomorrows 2020 election outcome will bring.

I am listening to the police radio as another shooting occurred in my neighborhood and wonder when the violence will come to an end. 

I am wondering how my Uncle, who is awaiting his COVID test results, is feeling.

In all of this, I wonder what does it mean that He Has the Whole World in His Hands?

When I sang this as a child, it felt amazing and beyond comprehension. How did God hold everything in His hands?

As an adult, I believe this song means that God holds the scope of all that is unfolding. In his infinite presence, God knows and cares. It doesn’t mean that in holding, all is healed. But to me, it does mean that:

the uncertainty and the disruption

the violence and the turmoil

the sadness and the joy

the laughter and the celebration

the loneliness and the depression

the grieving and the sick

the believer and the agnostic

the atheist and the people of all tribes and nations

all people of all sexual identity and all of his Creation

Are Held in His hands!

I had not thought of this song in a while, and yet as I was signing off on a text conversation tonight, I said this: “sleep well, my friend. Love to you. Grateful that I know, no matter what happens, God holds us in his hand.” It seemed the right time to write a blog.

As you navigate tomorrow with your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family:

As your heart feels all the feels related to the election, polls, and results;

As you feel the ache of loneliness of your loved ones due to COVID or are grieving the absence of loved ones recently lost;

As you hold so much more than I could ever name in this short blog,

I hope and pray that you will find just a small bit of comfort in knowing that whatever your situation, you are held, in the rugged and scarred palms of a Jesus who understands.

May peace be yours today,

Blessed be His name!