Always stay humble and kind…

Do you ever have it when you are listening to a song, and somehow it feels like you hear the lyrics in a new way. We have been busy at Visiting Angels, and this week the music has seemed like a distant and faint sound in the office. My thoughts are filled with advocating for clients, recruitment of Caregivers, gratitude for our great multitude of angels, politics, COVID, and so much more.

And yet today, these words by Tim McGraw came through loud and clear. It sounds simple, and yet it sometimes feels like a fading practice. It seems like something we all learned and know, and yet, it feels foreign in our daily routine.

What does humble and kind look like?

Maybe we can only answer it for ourselves. Perhaps this is yet another area we should not be defining for someone else. It is not a time to point fingers or discuss who isn’t humble and kind. After all, that would not be humble or kind.

Listen to these good words and reflect on how Humble and Kind look like in your life today and tomorrow and the next day. 

How can you shift into an intentional action plan for humble and kind?

I had to smile because, of course, these ideas won’t quite work during COVID.

Go to church ’cause your mamma says to

Visit grandpa every chance that you can

It won’t be wasted time.

Always stay humble and kind.

But these are pretty good places to start:

Hold the door, say, “please,” say “thank you.”

Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie

I know you got mountains to climb

But always stay humble and kind

And so, inspired by Tim, I share my closing thought with you

And I believe that there are about 1000 options each day,

don’t close your eyes and be blind

Be bold, and strong, and courageous

Always be humble and kind.