Troubled but not silent

Tonight I am troubled. I don’t find it beneficial to engage in political talk these days, and at times the choice to stay silent is equally disturbing. I understand that there are many different views and perspectives, but I do not see how what is reported here can ever be supported. I do not know how we can be silent about what is transpiring among us?

And so tonight, in my distraught state, I am choosing to share these words with my niece and nephew. I want them to be able to look back someday and know that in the midst of the chaos that swirls in the news about what the President of the United States believes about the people of Haiti, we will not be silent. We will choose to celebrate their country of birth, their heritage, their family who resides in Haiti and always embrace their stories.

These two are from the beautiful country of Haiti! They have brought life, color, laughter, joy, and delight to the Borgdorff family. We embrace every bit of Haiti that flows through them and stand in gratitude tonight for their presence in our lives. Forever and always we will hold their hearts.