Brandy Alexanders

In our family when we hear Brandy Alexanders we think of Aunt Dot.

1953klaasfamDorothy, the 11th of 12 children born to my Pake and Beppe in 1950 has earned herself a few more names. Today in our family she is Dorothy, Dot, Aunt Dot, Beppe Dot and Tante Dot. She is a unique combination of 3rd parent, extra grandparent, aunt, neighbor and friend.


Tonight we celebrated Aunt Dot’s birthday with Brandy Alexanders and I was reminded of her beautiful, quiet, strong presence in our Borgdorff bunch. She was a very young age when she immigrated and yet she has been a documenter of the family story.

She lives alone and has img_4579worked hard to provide for her needs and save for her future and yet she joins in on the adventures of our large family generously. She has a quiet soul and enjoys the peace of her home, but she will hang with all of us often and delight in all the noise that comes with a gathering full of laughter, conversation and occasional gnashing of teeth.

Aunt Dot is faithful, organized, brilliant, hard-working, loyal, and deeply loved!

Happy 68th Birthday Dorothy, Dot, Aunt Dot, Beppe Dot or Tante Dot. No matter what we call you on any given day. We all love you! You’re the GOAT!