Keeping things positive…

Yesterday I looked at my Delta app and it told me how many days until my next trip.

Today I looked again.

It is not that I couldn’t remember how many days it was, but there is something motivating to see the days diminish, one day at a time. There is something I so enjoy
about the anticipation of something good.

lookingforwardToday was a gray day. The winter thunderstorm was impressive only for a few moments and then it was damp and cold. There is something good on days like today to have something to look forward to.

I know I can’t always have a trip planned, but I have incorporated looking forward to something into my personal motivational plan. It might be a scheduled massage or a day away with a friend. It might be trip or even just a day of biking. Honestly, some days I focus on how much I am looking forward to Spring. I believe the greatest benefit that has come from the discipline of looking forward to something is how it keeps my thoughts and energy going in a positive direction.

I wonder if you have something you are looking forward to?