Let the countdown begin…

Last night at my Mom’s birthday celebration, Arlene read me this poem…

The first line that got cut off is

So, Trish, it’s not your birthday yet, in case you didn’t know. Turning 50’s a big deal…

Wow, I had not expected this, nor was I aware that today started the countdown of 50 days till 50. As I laid in bed last night, I sent Arlene and Suzi this text:

Thank you both so much for creating the 50-day celebration. I find myself a bit giddy with curiosity and enjoying the idea of waiting to see how celebration will unfold. Thank you, and I love you both. God clearly gave me the best sisters ever! ❤️

I am not sure who or what or how or when, and that is somewhat unusual in my world. But as 50 approaches, I am delighting in the fact that the unknown brings a good sense of curiosity and not a sense of trying to figure it out.

As 50 approaches, I am delighting in the fact that I can embrace the celebration of my life as a gift of the outstanding people who make up my community.

As 50 approaches, I am delighting in the reality that life feels settled, my heart feels full, and that I have learned to navigate the many emotions that flow through my being. I am willing to be ok with what doesn’t feel ok. I have recognized that friendships have seasons, and friendships change like seasons change sometimes. That doesn’t have to a negative thing, even if it is hard, and all that was shared can still be called good.

As 50 approaches, I feel more fully myself. I have goals for my wellbeing, I have desires for my relationships, I have adventures to be lived, and I am committed to taking life as it unfolds before me.

I am committed to living intentionally aware and present in my actions, words, busy spaces, and alone spaces. I long to leave a bit of my heart everywhere I go. I want to offer hope, laughter, encouragement, or understanding in the conversations I share. And at the end of each day, I know I can honestly reflect on all that unfolded and look forward to tomorrow because one of the many truths I hold is that His mercies are new every morning.

Today at Noon, my sister came and picked me up, and we had a lovely lunch at Horrocks and spent time decorating my new porch for fall.  It was such a sweet time, and I loved every moment of it.

I am 50 days away from turning 50, and I am looking forward to every one of them.

I live in a village of deep love and great fun, and I am grateful.

Blessed be His name,




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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Glad you are writing again. Your words on grief always minister to me and Richard read this one and agreed you are a real wordsmith! We love you! The Lees

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