I love pronouns…

I had a great day yesterday being an Aunt. I love the conversations I have with Peter (age 7 1/2) and Isaiah (age 4 3/4).  I am amazed at all there is to learn in life and some of the most fun conversations center around the boys increasing knowledge. It is so fun to hear and interact with their growing awareness that the world is a big place and there is always something to learn.

Peter has been learning about parts of speech in second grade and as he shares, I have flashbacks to diagramming sentences. I try to engage with intellectual conversation when he asks, “Aunt Trish, do you know what an Adverb is?” I begin to search my memory bank and am pleased I can at least fool him to believing I have retained all my second grade knowledge and can easily recall all I learned.

I do have to say though that I was a bit surprised when he blurted out from the back bench in the van, “I just love pronouns!” I glanced back through the mirror and asked  why he found pronouns so wonderful? Peter confidently replied, “They simplify our sentences and save us from having to say so many words.” I had to smile at his understanding and definition….

Tonight I looked up the definition of a pronoun….A pronoun can replace a noun or another pronoun. You use pronouns like “he,” “which,” “none,” and “you” to make your sentences less cumbersome and less repetitive. It is fun to see that he really does get it….and he is only 7 1/2!

And so tonight I am amazed at the English language and all that comprises it. Language is the key to our relationships, work, and day-to-day living. I am thankful for the structure our language has and for the teachers who wake up every morning to teach the basics to the children. I am not sure I would have ever said it as a kid with the enthusiasm Peter has, but I do have to admit, even at 41, pronouns are pretty cool!

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