Verzet means resistance…

We have learned much about the costs of WWII both to this country and have heard stories as well of how it affected those in our own family. One of the places we stopped while on our travels was Exloo Drenthe.

In Exloo, we hiked into a wooded area. This wooded area presents like any park. Smaller parking areas throughout the park with trails going in at all different points. We were following coordinates and knew we needed to be on the white trail. We were on a mission to find a certain spot. At this spot, N 52° 53.547 E 006° 51.053, on the white trail in this park in Exloo, Drenthe is a resistance monument.


From our time together at this place, my oldest niece says this:

Today we were able to see the memorial that stands in memory of my grandfather’s uncle Chris and four other members of the Dutch Resistance. On September 19, 1944 they were forced to dig their own graves before they were shot and killed by Nazi soldiers. So, so grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

The internet says the following about this monument:

This monument can be found at the beginning of the Burg. J.v.Rooijenpad in the ‘boswachterij Exloo’ at the Hondsrug between Emmen and Borger. (boswachterij is best described as a forestry, a protected area).
A simple wooden cross is the monument with the names of five victims, members of the resistance movement. These resistance fighters were unknown to each other, they were arrested independent from each other in the course of the month of September and imprisoned in the Scholtenhuis in Groningen.
A sixth resistance fighter survived the execution on 19 September, 1944, and was released.

The text on the monument can be translated as follows:
1940 – 1945.

19 – 9 – 1944.

J.C. Borgdorff dob: 15-12-1908
D.N. Breukelaar dob: 11- 2-1896
R.G. Radersma dob: 14- 5-1902
J.Wagenaar dob: 11- 6-1906
A. Wedzinga dob: 20- 6-1905
All from the city of Groningen

And so it is part of our family story.

Grateful for the opportunity to learn more about our story and stand in the spaces that honor and remember those who chose to stand for their Country.

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