Buds full of promise

First, let me tell you I do not have a green thumb of any kind. I spend almost no time in my yard and yet I have an odd love and admiration for my Clematis.

There is something wild and beautiful to my Clematis plant. I have 3 different trellises for it to climb and yet it seems to grow bushier every year. I often find myself pondering in the fall if it might be the last year that it blooms so many beautiful flowers. I hardly dare hope for the beauty to surface again come spring.

As the snow melted, I noticed the dead branches and I was somewhat convinced that if life returned to this amazing clematis, I would be shocked and delighted.

Tonight I snapped this picture, and I am shocked and delighted. I find myself wondering when I will trust the process that life returns every year.


As I spent some time tonight just admiring all the buds that will soon burst into color, I am grateful for the miracle of this crazy, bushy, climbing Clematis.

I am grateful for the lessons this plant teaches me about how the cycle of dying actually allows for life to return. I am grateful for the lesson that even when directed and coached to climb, it still has a way of doing its own thing. I am grateful that somehow this crazy plant reminds me my own life and God’s plan for me.

May I never forget that God’s plan is to restore and bring beauty, hope, and promise through every season of my life.

Going to bed shocked and delighted and eager to check every day for the promise of the beautiful purple flowers.

Author: trishborgdorff

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