Writing a bio…

Tonight I have been working on writing my bio. I am going to begin seeing some clients at a local counseling center, and this bio will be posted on their website. I love to write, I find that when I stop my mind and let my fingers just type, words come quickly and I enjoy the process of fine tuning the words, reading and rereading to ensure that the words I am speaking are the words of my heart.

But tonight feels different. Writing my Bio to share who I am with others is difficult in a way I am surprised by. I live pretty honestly and am aware of my strengths and struggles. The journey of my life never ceases to amaze me, especially how I can now recongnize that each season was preparing me something yet to come.

I am pretty clear about my faith and live it in a heartfelt way, much more than an articulated theology. I am proud to be a part of the Christian Reformed Church and love serving in my local congregation as we strive to become a vibrant community of Faith.

I believe in this season of my life, I am aware that as a believer of Jesus, I stand firmly in loving all people. All people means people of all colors and all nations. It means married, single, same sex relationship or celibate. It means people of all abilities, stories, and faiths or those with no faith.  I believe that Gods’ command to love your neighbor is an invitation from God to me to plant love everywhere I go. (See last night’s blog)

And let me also say, that my loving others is not about me bringing good to them, it is also about how I am changed through the relationships I pursue, develop and embrace. I believe God created us to be in relationship. I long for a community that is filled with the diversity and variety of God’s created design.

Now, back to writing my bio.

I struggled tonight to find the words to put on paper, and I wondered how to communicate both the confidence of who I am and what I believe and the honesty in the struggle that life is complicated, hard and sometimes just plain exhausting. I struggled to communicate in the words I was writing that I consider it a privilege to journey with others and hear about where hearts were broken and wounded, life was planned but did not happen the way it was supposed to, or where dreams were inspired and birthed. I love to ask about the faces of those who communicated worth and value or the words spoken at some point in life that felt life-giving and released some kind of freedom in your soul. I love journeying with people. I write it here, on this blog, and my fingers take it straight from my heart. And yet, when I write a bio, somewhere the words get mixed up when they get processed through too much thought.

I wonder what you would experience if you were going to write your bio about who you are and what you have to offer to others. It is a good exercise to practice, and as you can tell, it is cathartic in some ways.

I better get back to finishing my bio. I am going to allow the process to continue to flow from my heart and not get caught in too much thinking of mind.

Perhaps this quote on my office wall says it best. It is a simplified summary of my bio…bio picture