The power of YES


I will admit that I went into the day wondering if I was going to be able to accomplish the task at hand. One of the greatest challenges of owning a home care company is balancing the number of new clients compared to our Caregivers availability. Our reputation is only as good as the caregivers we send into the homes.

I know when we receive a call from someone needing care, there is a great relief in their voice when we are quick to say YES, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you! And as soon as we say YES, we are keenly aware that we are now dependent on the YES of others.

When I went into the office today, I was aware that we needed to hear a lot of YES answers today. We have an abundance of new clients with a critical need for care. Sometimes care may be housekeeping and we can tweak and adjust to make things fit, but today the needs were all about 24-hour care, so we must provide care without interruption.

As Laura and I were strategizing about how to make it all come together, we were both very aware that all of our strategies are only effective if each person we call says YES. Laura said to me, you call and I will pray.

There is something about being dependent on another person’s YES answer that reminds me of the goodness of the people I am so very fortunate to employ. It seems like each day we begin calling or texting through our list of caregivers and lead into the conversation with a sense of honest appeal, letting them know we need them.

At about 440 pm today, it came together and we now have caregivers in place for all of tomorrow’s visits. As I consider tomorrow and what it will hold, I know that Thursday has a list of available shifts that we will need to fill. I am aware again that as I move through the day tomorrow, I will be very grateful for those who say YES.

We live in a world of self-protection and boundaries. So often we are talking about the freedom to say no and the importance of self-preservation. Tonight I just want to give a shout out to all of the caregivers at Visiting Angels of West Michigan. Each and every day your YES answers bring us hope and encouragement that we will continue to provide excellent care to the seniors in our community.

I invite you to consider where you might say YES when you’re inclined to say No.

I encourage you to consider how your day turned out for the better because of your willingness to say YES

Remember that each and every day we are invited to make the day the best it can be. I hope your world can be filled with moments when you say YES. YES to an ice cream cone, YES to a trip to the park, YES to meeting a friend for coffee, YES to a generous gift to a good cause, YES to serving at Church or in your community, YES to assist at work, Yes to a family member, friend and enemy. Allow your YES to change your world and the world of others.

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