Leonard H Borgdorff Memorial Fund….

Len and Jean Marc











Jean Marc and Len in Haiti, 2005

It was clear to us that selecting a memorial fund supporting Haiti
adoption was right in line with Len’s heartbeat…
Len left a written directive to “…rejoice in the varied color of
my life and in the tremendous variety and texture of this family.”

Len and Marcia added color and texture to their family in the
decision to adopt Sonta and Jean Marc from Haiti in 2005. In the
years that followed, Len and Marcia directed significant time
and energy to embracing their four children and supporting
Haitian adoptions. Sonta and Jean Marc are a
beautiful reminder to us every day of our family love for Haiti.

Please prayerfully consider a donation to help us keep Len’s memory alive.
I will post the link to online donations on January 11, 2013

We are confident Len’s heartbeat, passion and legacy will carry on through these gifts.

United States and International Donations:
Leonard H.Borgdorff Memorial Fund
God’s Littlest Angels
2283 A Waynoka Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Canadian Donations
Leonard H.Borgdorff Memorial Fund
God’s Littlest Angels, Canada
P.O. Box 984
Okotoks, Alberta
T1S 1B1

First day of school for Sonta in Virginia

sweet sonta

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  1. Trish, I am so sorry to hear of Len’s sudden death…in my opinion the hardest kind. I don’t get a paper or have a tv and learned of this from Cheri yesterday, when she also shared your blog. I’m good at listening, crying and grieving if you want to get together…..Chris

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