It could have been me….

I am very aware of this paragraph in the newspaper tonight….

A boy died Monday and nine others were hospitalized when a man who was eating a sandwich and looking at his GPS unit ran into traffic that had stopped for construction, police said.

My heart breaks for the Talsma family whose lives are changed forever due to the death of their 13 year old son David….

My heart aches for the 9 innocent accident victims who were involved in the crash, including the daughter of a High School classmate and David’s sister who was driving the car that was hit.

My heart can’t imagine what the driver of the car, a man who was eating a sandwich and looking at his GPS, 40-year-old Travis Fox, of Crown Point, Indiana is feeling tonight….

But what grips me as well is how it could have been me who changed the lives of innocent people due to my own distraction.

What happened today can not be undone. My prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy….

But I am aware that I can commit to having zero tolerance for distraction in my vehicle. My prayer is that I not lose this deep ache, awareness and conviction that I hold tonight.

Won’t you please join me in prayer and in committing to returning to the days when all we did behind the wheel was drive.

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13 thoughts on “It could have been me….”

  1. Thanks, Tricia.
    Remembering David as a dear student.
    Praying for God’s Grace to be with his loved ones!

  2. This is convicting. Thank you. I do not need any distractions while driving! I commit!

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  3. Amen! Totally agree we should focus on driving. Driving is a BIG responsibility that today people seem to do as secondary while talking on the phone too.

  4. Very well written! I was thinking the same thing as I read about this tragedy yesterday. Thank you for reminding me about driving undistracted and for being a good example for my children who will be driving soon. Reposting on my FB.

  5. So very true! So sad that a beautiful young boy lost his life and many are grieving along with many that are hurt for us all to be reminded to pay attention while driving! Prayers for all involved including the driver!

  6. Thank you so much for this, Trish. I, too, think about “what if it had been me driving?” Very sobering.

  7. I have a (almost) 19 year old granddaughter who I have to call occasionally. Sometimes, I don’t get an answer so I leave a message. She will return my call and apologize that she couldn’t answer, because “she was driving”. I have told her she doesn’t need to apologize and that I totally support what she is doing!

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