A new roller coaster ride….

rollercoasterToday I have the sense I am buckled into the car of a new roller coaster. There is a sense of excitement, adventure, unknown, anticipation, anxiety, fear and delight. I am confident I am buckled in and secure. I am confident the ride is well constructed. I know many others have taken the ride, and yet I feel so many feelings, knowing I have never taken this new ride. Today I became an Elder at my Church.

I wonder if I am old enough, do I know enough, am I mature enough, am I spiritual enough?  I stop my thought process and remember what is true. I have been praying for a way to be involved in my Church in an area of service for quite some time. I did not expect God to answer this way and yet God answered.

I love God, I love His Church, I love people and I love service. I am passionate about hearing stories and sharing together how our stories bring about opportunities to make a difference in this world. I have come to understand the value of speaking truth with kindness and compassion. I do not understand fully yet what will be required of me on this new journey, but I trust that God has gone before me and prepared the way. I stand ready and willing, honored and humbled and very grateful that the journey of leadership is never journeyed alone.

Let the adventure begin!