It is 320 pm and I am up and ready for my day. I took today slow and did some sock sorting and computer work in the comforts of my bed, as a morning storm blew through West Michigan. I must say that I feel a bit uncertain of each next moment as I adjust to a body without any estrogen. I had expected physical pain and the need for getting up and down the stairs and keeping myself moving, but I did not fully prepare for the emotional waves that come and go as fast as this mornings storm…

But I talked to my Doc today and was reminded that surgery is trauma and my body is adjusting. He has a plan and that will begin next week, but for now, he encouraged me to let each moment be my guide. He reminded me to be as active as my pain and fatigue allowed me and to sleep whenever I felt tired. It was a good pep talk to not allow emotional waves hold me hostage but to keep moving and keep resting and discover what my body is needing…

And so I got up and got dressed and Dutch and I went for a walk and I am keenly aware of my body….and it is good!

And so, today, I leave you with this picture and ask you where will you find life today?

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Prayers for you. Be gentle with yourself. IT is quite the roller coaster of emotions!! NAP when necessary! Hug.

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