The beauty of a faith community

IMG_0459I will be the first to tell you that belonging to a local Church can be one of the most beautiful experiences. I also know that the faith community that can be so beautiful and bring such joy can cause confusion, pain, and uncertainty as well. The Church has been a constant in my life. I worked in a large church in my first job after College, and I have always been involved in a Church at varying degree’s from childhood, and it is still true today.

I have grown in my understanding how the Church is a gathering of broken people, and we don’t always love each other well. And when this group of people acknowledges our own brokenness and enters into relationships with each other with a commitment to compassion and curiosity, I believe that together we bring goodness and joy in all different ways to our broken and hurting world.

FullSizeRender-2This morning was one of those sweet moments at Eastern Ave Christian Reformed Church. It was the first year that I have been involved in our annual Christmas dinner. As it is so often in my world, if I am invited to serve in some fashion, I am willing to jump in, but as a single woman, it has been more difficult for me to just go and participate. And so when my dear friend Mary asked if I would join her, I said absolutely. The combination of worship and fellowship left me feeling deeply grateful as I enter my week.

IMG_1614We worked yesterday on food prep and set up with a host of other folks and this morning again the willing hands were abundant. I am so grateful Mary invited me to join her and I am thankful I was able to experience the power of the presence of good people in a room enjoying one another in company and conversation.


I hope you know what it is to experience the goodness of a faith community. If you have been lagging in your participation, consider giving a local Church a try during the coming weeks of the celebration of Christmas. It is my wish this Christmas that each of you will find an abundance of peace, comfort, joy and hope this holiday season. May we always, my friends, continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior!



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