How do we learn…

JM baseketballToday I enjoyed watching my nephew play a game of basketball….

It was entertaining and gave me great admiration for youth sports…

His team has a dedicated coach who was speaking very good words…

But it was evident that the words given did not translate into action…

They were attempting to play man to man defense and it was more of kids chasing their assigned person around the court…

They were told to take it to the net and their momentum as they attempted their lay up demonstrated that their young skill level did not yet include control of their moment…

And yet, they were out there, trying, playing, giving it 110 percent and having fun….

I am aware that I often live like those young players…

Sometimes I run around giving life my all but forget to listen to the good words of instruction coming my way….

Sometimes there may be really good coaches surrounding me and yet I learn best by giving it my all….

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the more I invest and risk and give it my all, and not take the game too seriously, the better chance I have for success….JM with flag

Life is not simple, and I imagine the game of basketball doesn’t seem simple to these young players either…..

And although in the midst of the game, the score seemed important, I believe the more lasting lesson is in the lessons (and skills) learned….

Thank you Jean Marc for reminding me that life is about trying new things, giving my all and having fun!


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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