Brightening in the storm…

The flu is in our village….

It has been a week of flu coming and going through our homes and last night it settled in mine….gray clouds

And so today I laid on my couch and dozed on and off and let the bug travel through….

bright rain cloudsAnd in that space I watched a gray day brighten  as rain came and went.

It never really got sunny and yet I watched brightness come and go….

There was a heaviness to the gray until the rain came….

It actually seemed to be brighter when it was raining than when it was not raining….

It got me thinking about life and grief and what a gift it was that I could see the brightening in the storm…

I know grieving is not only related to death and I would guess that there are many people grieving, even if they have not experienced a recent loss….

I invite you to find hope in what I witnessed today…that while the rain pours down there is a brightening that occurs. It does not mean that the grayness is gone for good, but it does promise that lightness will often follow….

I am learning so much about life and death, God, family, friends and myself during this storm of my brothers death.

And I still wish 11 weeks ago would not have happened. I miss my brother!

I hope we will all hang onto the hope that some day there will be no more storms…..

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

4 thoughts on “Brightening in the storm…”

  1. This reminds me of what someone said after a tragedy:” Someitmes through our tears we do see the sun- and it becomes a rainbow….

  2. I have saying on my desk that I have loved “In a dark time the eye begins to see”.

  3. Just ;love reading every time you write! So sorry you are sick–but happy for the blessings that you received because you were home Missed you yesterday! Get better soon. Love you.

  4. Trish, I’m so thankful that God is allowing you to see things through eyes of Faith as you journey through this time of grief.We see God in very special ways at times like these. I will be remembering my son this week too even though it has been 24 years ago. I wish i could share a picture that I have at home with you. i call it my” God’s FAITHFULNESS” picture and shows a couple walking out on the pier in G.H. even though the clouds are very dark and foreboding but way out in the distance there is the sun starting to come through and it is a reminder to me again and again of His ALWAYS FAITHFULNESS to me and to you and your family too. We keep on walking knowing He is faithful!!!

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