Cup of courage…

Last night I received this beautiful gift, and it was presented with this fantastic poem in song, by my 10-year-old niece.

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

dutch is sure sweet, and Trish so are you

I got you a mug that will keep you brave

I hope it becomes your Fav

Love Johanna


Today I took some time to reflect on what might look different in 2019 if I really do practice my brave in new spaces this year.

I found a few boxes of my favorite tea, and I plan to use my cup of courage as a tangible reminder to live brave each day.

Will my brave invite me to speak up or remain silent?

Will my brave invite me to show up in new spaces or give my heart permission to say no and stay home to reflect and grow in my own space?

Will my brave invite me to laugh more, cry more, struggle differently or celebrate differently?

Will my brave give me the confidence to move into new spaces or will my brave invite me to name my fear and move into it anyway?

What will my brave and courage grow in me in the coming days, weeks and months? Joahnna’s sweet gift and delightful presentation remind me how not so long ago, this child was timid and self-conscious. She has practiced some significant courage in the past months, and she is exercising some of her new found discoveries.

I am looking forward to drinking my tea, finding my courage, practicing my brave and letting this cup become my fav…

I am ready to discover some new things in my 50th year. I am grateful for the assurance that no matter our age or circumstances, the choice to grow is always within reach.

Maybe it isn’t brave and courage that resonates with your soul in this season of your life. There is also a Cup of Love, Cup of Peace, or Cup of Gratitude. I am pretty sure that one of the four might invite you to new spaces in the new year. Give it some thought and choose one that might become your fav.

How I wish we could visit together and I could hear all you hope for in the coming year. Stay tuned, and I will share with you as I discover just how this cup of courage will invite me to new adventures!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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