Three years old and full of life…..

Today my youngest niece turned 3….

It seems like just yesterday I was stocking up on pink clothes for her from Baby Gap. I believe the 3 to 6 month clothing looked so big!

Today she is a curly headed, intense, fun, funny, talkative, sweet, engaging little girl! 

Johanna loves the world of pretend and has a very kind and inviting way of engaging each of us to join in and play.

Johanna loves to sing and her current favorites, often performed at Sunday coffee hour are Angels we have heard on high. Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jesus, what a wonderful name and My God is so Big, so strong and so mighty…

Johanna is learning about friendships and sharing.

Johanna is learning about manners and saying hello and good-bye. She was very proud to announce that she can now say hello Beppe or Hello Papa all by herself, just like her brothers.


Johanna loves her family. Her Mom is her all time favorite but she is quite fond as well of her Dad and brothers. She enjoys time with her Papa and Beppe and most others as long as the group stays small and she is given ample time to warm up!

Johanna is telling wonderful tall tales of lions who eat her fingers and her Daddy saves her and many other very cute and outrageous events.

Oh Johanna, you are a delight and I love the happiness in your sweet voice. My favorite right now is how you answer “shure” to most anything asked of you, unless you’re in a contrary moment. I can’t wait to enjoy you being three. I am sure we will go swimming and watch video’s and play with your pink ball and go to target and sing in the car and talk and talk and talk some more. I know we will have many fun times this year and you will be delighted in and loved deeply by your family. Happy Happy Birthday Johanna! I love you with all my heart!

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