Memorial Day 2012….

It was a beautiful day…

It was a day of cleaning and organizing….

It was a day of preparing to host dinner on my deck…

It was a day of thinking about my freedom and the stories of those who have fought for that…

It was a day of recognizing that it really does take a village and I have a great village…

It was a day of wondering if it would rain, but delighting in sun…

It was a day of reflecting on the grief for those who have lost a family member to war….

It was a day of gratitude that my brothers have served our Country…

It was a day of gathering with family and enjoying the freedom and peace we have….

It was a beautiful day and my heart was full.

Yet somewhere in my heart there was space for those whose Memorial day had much greater meaning…

My heart is with those who grieve every day because they have lost family members….

My heart aches for those who live with changes every day as a result of war and injury, either physical or emotional….

My heart longs for families to be reunited….for their to be peace on earth!

I hope your Memorial day left you tired from good moments and tender to so many whose struggle is greater than we may ever understand!



A boy with a vision….

Jean Marc has amazed us plenty in they seven years since he joined our family. He was just a year when he came to live with my brother and sister-in-law, but he has a keen awareness of Haiti and a very insightful perspective in the day-to-day and a great sense of humor. Today during dinner he asked if we remembered his original last name….

That started a very delightful conversation.

Jean Marc shared that he planned to live in Grand Rapids when he grew up.

He would live on Aunt Trish and Beppe Dot’s street because it was quiet and peaceful.

He would only need a small house for him and his son.

I began to inquire about where his wife would be in that picture. He shared, she would move in a year later after he and his son were used to each other. His son would be adopted from Haiti.

His home will have two bedrooms and the workout room in the basement like Aunt Trish’s home.

He does plan to go to college and then work at Taco Bell, because that is his all time favorite restaurant.

Oh, and when we asked him what his son’s name would be, he said without much hesitation. I think his name will be Bob the builder.

And with that, we see this 8 year old’s awareness of adoption and rescuing children who do not have a home or a family….

We see this 8 year old’s security in wanting to plant his roots in a home which is quiet and peaceful and near family….

We see this 8 year old’s perspective on education and his plans to attend college and pursue his favorite line of work. (I do believe that he will dream beyond Taco Bell in the coming years)

And we see this 8 year old’s innocence and humor as he throws out the name for his adopted son from Haiti….

Jean Marc is a gift to our family and a delight to be with. I am thankful God’s divine intervention in his life led him to us!

Sonta and Jean Marc were adopted by Len and Marcia as a sibling pair. Jean Marc talked today about his birth parents (of whom they have pictures) and his older brother. Jean Marc has shown interest in knowing more about his family in Haiti. An amazing concept for a young mind…

Won’t you join me tonight in saying a prayer of protection and peace for birth parents, at home and afar, who wonder about their birth children. Their sacrifice is a gift….and by the grace of God, we have been blessed!