Living on the edge….

I love this inspirational saying:

I have it painted on the wall in my office and I have it framed here at home. I have a journal that has it on the cover and I have it embedded in my heart.

I am not even close to living to the edge of my possibility. When I journal on all this saying holds for me, I am surprised where fear holds me back. When I think of living on the edge of all my possibility, I realize there is an energy in me that feels almost electric.

I wonder if you dare to dream of how you would live differently if you lived to the edge of all your possibility!

I wonder if you can envision what steps you would take towards the edge and start to take them…

I wonder if you can feel some of the same electric energy when you embrace this inspirational saying by Maryanne Radmacher.

There are places I thought I was on the edge, and then I found that God expanded my horizons and stretched my boundaries. Life is exciting and holds so many invitations to live life fully. I made a list tonight of places I can continue to journey to the edge…

I plan to continue that journey each day!


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