Priceless photos

Every year when we gather for Christmas, we have a memory dinner since Len died on the 23rd of December. This year we watched these two videos. We were crowded in a room with a big screen, and we laughed, and we cried, and we remembered, and we were sad, and we were grateful….cause that really is how life is when you have loved and lost.

As we watched these videos, our sweet 9-year-old family member said, “Aunt Trish, is that why you take so many pictures of us, so you can make our funeral video?” We all laughed as her question was honest and yet light in the midst of a room full of emotion.

And yet tonight, as I remember Len’s funeral on New Years Eve Day 2012, I am thankful for pictures. I remember my cousin saying to me as they drove home from my Dad’s funeral, we need to take more pictures. I want to invite you to take more pictures in 2019. Capture the moments and celebrate the life that surrounds you! It is no longer about film reels and developing and free double print days. Photography is easier with phones and digital and technology.

Take pictures to remember the moments, to create movies that tell your family story and to recall the goodness.

IMG_2869As I journey through grief and remember the day we had Lens funeral 6 years ago, I am so grateful for pictures. Pictures that remind me of the sorrow, the comfort, the love and remind us how God’s provision for all of us has continued.


Take the pictures for the living, but also remember, when those you love are no longer with you, the pictures are a priceless gift that will bring such goodness!