2018 in review

How can it be the end of 2018 already?

In my line of work, we are always scheduling a month ahead, and today I began to sort the February schedules. I am aware that the days sometimes seem slow but the weeks and months seem to move quickly. We are often looking ahead, planning for the future and running at a rapid pace to complete the day and all it holds.

Before New Year’s Eve, I plan to take some time and reflect back on my year.

What have been the themes of 2018 for me?

Where did I experience God’s provision, protection, invitation…

Who has my community been in 2018?

What faces come to my mind when I think of my people in 2018 and have I, or how have I, let them know the importance of their presence in my life?

Where have I grown, why have I grown, where have I resisted growth?

Last year at the end of the year I had no idea what this year would hold for me. In March my Dad had a seizure, and 7 weeks later we held his hands as we said goodbye. I want to remember the good, cherish the moments, marvel at the journey and acknowledge the honest struggle, sadness, and pain.

I believe one of the greatest things I learned this year is how my heart can truly hold deep sorrow and sadness while at the time holding deep gratitude for all that is good. If you are a person who has not yet discovered the depth and width and breadth of all your heart holds, I hope you will begin to explore the amazing capacity God has given us to deeply feel all that we experience.

Will you join me in the coming days to look back before we move into 2019?

Will you allow all that has shaped you in 2018 to direct you in 2019?

a year ago