Tea time…

Tea time has always held a fondness in my heart.

tea timeMy Mom always had tea ready when we came home from school. We would sit and share about our day and although it felt like the norm back then, today my tea time memories hold a fond place in my heart. Thank you Mom for all those pots of tea you made for us over the years and for inviting us to sit and connect and share about our day.

I still enjoy a cup of tea, but I was reminded this week, that my fondness comes from the conversation that unfolds at tea time.

Some very dear friends called this week and asked if they could come for tea. Tuesday came and  I found  I was eager for tea time to arrive. I stopped at the new bakery and picked up some treats. I was reminded of how sweet conversation is over a cup of tea. I was reminded how easy it is to miss tea time experiences when we live in a world of Facebook and texting. Conversation happens all around us without meaningful connection. I was reminded I want to be intentional about connecting and experiencing tea time moments with a whole variety of people in my world.

bill and sandyI wonder if you take time to connect and converse. Not conversations with agendas, but conversations that simply unfold over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine or a pot of coffee. I wonder whose face comes to mind when you think of connecting.

I am hoping planning to create time this year to intentionally connect with people I know or want to know in new ways.

Thank you Bill and Sandy for inviting me to tea with you. It was good for my soul and ignited good things within me.



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