The power of the mind, body and heart…

I was very encouraged and blessed by your many encouraging comments to my post yesterday. I find that when I see myself many times a day, I had not really stopped to recognize the progress I have made, and so the pictures and your words, made my experience very real. Thank you so much!

Today I took time to realign my body, mind and heart. I am gearing up for my next 50 pounds and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. It was at the start of those thoughts I realized I needed to focus in on my body, mind and heart to ensure I am successful.

My mind: I recognize the power of positive thinking and am learning the small and sometimes subtle messages that begin to defeat my possibility of success before I even set out to make change. I want my mind to believe in me as much as I believe in others. I am growing in my ability to do so and I enjoy the thoughts of my mind when I am thinking positive and hopeful thoughts.

My body: I often remember my experience at Fitness North and how when I took each exercise and gave 100%, I was surprised at what my body can endure. I also remember when I focused on the whole day, my body would feel fatigued long before it was truly tired. I want to believe in what my body can do and allow my mind to be surprised daily by my ability, my endurance and my strength.

My heart: I want my heart to stay tender and curious about my redefining body. I want to delight in the journey and not lose the lessons that I am learning in anxiety or uncertainty or fear of failure or anything else that can harden my heart along the way. I am enjoying this journey and delighting in how it is not about all the do’s and don’ts but it feels more about mystery and discovery.

And so, tomorrow is another day on the journey….a day when I will celebrate my friend Cathy for her birthday, a day I will enjoy my house guest (and wonderful niece) Karolyn who is here for the weekend, a day when I will complete a P90x workout and enjoy an hour at the Kroc center. Life is full…and I am thankful!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. I just want to say that you make me smile!! I am so happy for you and for the progress you are making to redefine and discover who you REALLY are inside and out!! You are AMAZING and I am blessed to have been a part of your life even for a short time. YOU made a difference in my life and I hope you continue to see for yourself how wonderful and beautiful you are!! Love to you friend!!

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