Dear Aunt Anita….

My Aunt died this past week. She was an aunt I had a special bond with. I am just home from the funeral home. My heart is full with so many stories I would like to share with Aunt Anita. Let me try writing it out

school picsfDear Aunt Anita,

Oh, how I would like to tell you about all the conversations I enjoyed at your visitation. There were people coming throughout the full four hours. There were people of all ages, people who went to church with you, journeyed cancer with you, studied the Bible with you and those you have met through Model A. It made me smile when a few said they didn’t know you very well but knew your through Uncle Bob’s sharing. That husband of yours gave them a pretty awesome picture of your beauty and strength.

As I walked away tonight, I am aware the most common ending words were people sharing how much they loved you.

You would have enjoyed the stories that spoke of your courage and your perseverance, your laughter, your smile, your knowledge of the Bible, your dedication, your hospitality, your amazing skill in handiwork and your genuine heart. I can imagine you beaming and saying “no fooling” and in my spirit I smile back and say….No Fooling!

Uncle Bob made it through, although it wasn’t easy. He would often go stand by you. It was difficult when we left. He planned to stay longer. He knows tomorrow the casket will be closed. His love for you was great! We will stand with him in this valley. You both knew much about valleys.Cole Wedding: Bob and Anita

Your favorite nurse came and your hairdresser. Your hairdresser said you were doing well on Friday, just a few hours before you died. Everyone was shocked at how quickly you left us. I think I have reconciled that God rescued you from a dying process that we somewhat expected your health struggles to take you. You maintained the independence you desired until the end. You lived well and that was remembered and celebrated tonight.

I will miss our shared happy hour and dinner of liver and onions. But I said to Dick Carr tonight, perhaps every hour in heaven is a happy hour.

You were remembered well tonight and your impact on your world was great. We will carry your memory with us and can only hope to face each day with the same positive, faith filled attitude.

I love you,


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  1. Trish, I am sitting in a bedroom in Holland and it’s wonderful to read this. Thank you for sharing! Anita would be happy to read it! Love to you, Aunt Marg.

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  2. Feel like I know Anita now because I see the impact she had on TRISH! Hugs b

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