The journey continues….

The journey has been life long and ongoing. I have cared about my weight at some times more than others. I have worked on it at times and ignored it other times. I have never been a yo-yo dieter…more of a rationalization in my thinking  that this must be how I was created…

This picture was taken on day one of  my Fitness North experience in late October of 2010. This was after a five am cold and wet walk. I see it as the day I started a very intentional journey and that journey continues today and will for many years to come…

But in the last year I have learned to distinguish between weight loss and wellness. I have started to consider the effects of weight that are not reflected on the scale and I have made a commitment to live well. It is not about the scale or the size pants I am wearing, but it is about my choices. What do I believe about myself and why? What am I eating and why? When am I active and how? When am I resting and what am I doing with my time?  Who am I spending time with and how is my spirit renewed when I am with them? Who am I pouring myself out for…. and the questions can go on as I consider my desires to live well.

And this updated picture is taken in February of 2011. The timing is good to see the change as I lose sight sometimes of the benefits of the journey. I am working hard at my new routines and establishing of habits. It is not all joy and roses and I have days when I throw in the towel, but the contrast of these two pictures reminds me that the journey is worth it and the benefits are visible. I am thankful for my family and friends who surround me and the many who love and encourage me. I am convicted again that even the journey of wellness and weight loss was meant to be journeyed in community….


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

11 thoughts on “The journey continues….”

  1. I congratulate you my friend! You are beautiful and I celebrate your victory adn the smile on your face is delightful!! Yeah Trish!!!

  2. Trish, as you know, I seldom get on Facebook, but this time I can’t resist to say that as parents we are proud of you achievement to be healthy and well. The comparative picture speaks for itself. Good for you!!!

  3. It makes me so happy to hear about and see the progress you are making, Trish! The way you continue to strive to live out of your hear and for your whole health continues to inspire me on my own journey. Peace to you, friend.

  4. What an encouragement to see the photos, but especially to read of your journey. I look forward to your blog each day. You’re a gifted writer and I’m a thankful reader.

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