Come Into My World…

Come into my World:

Come into my world
Come crashing through the ceiling
And find the messy rooms, the scattered pearls
If you are brave enough then come into my world

Come into my world
So lovely from the outside
So dark in here the demons dance and twirl
And find their pleasure frightening this girl
If you are brave then come into my world

Cause I never saw the changes come
Or knew enough to run when this old house had come undone
And now I’m buried in the walls
And no one comes to call but you
Come into my world


I was introduced to this Amy Grant song in Grace Groups this year. I find that the words really resonate with where I have been as I have journeyed to my heart.

There are seasons in my story where I was asking people to Come into my World.

There are seasons in my story where I longed for someone to find the messy rooms and scattered pearls.

And yet, do you understand the tension of really wanting something and being very scared of the very thing you desire. I lived there for a number of year sin my 20’s and even into my 30’s.

And I can remember many times when I felt as if I was saying….If you are brave enough then come into my world.

I am grateful for good friends and family who were brave enough to come into my world. I learned that I was required to lower my walls and risk letting people in. I found that hiding in busyness and ministry was a really lonely place to live. It wasn’t ministry or what was keeping me busy that was the problem, it was my refusal/resistance/unwillingness/fear of living in community.

I have learned that when I am willing to live in the presence of other people, to live in relationship with God, when I am willing to allow other’s to come into my world, when I am willing to live life honest and vulnerable, with a tender heart and compassionate spirit, it is then that I feel alive.

And so tonight, I am thankful for the people who have come into my world and I ask that you consider if you need to invite people in or perhaps respond to someone who is asking you to come into their world.

It’s risky

It’s scary

It’s worth it!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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