Fearfully and wonderfully made…

I am keenly aware of my body today. I have worked out hard for the last 48 hours and started the P90x workouts as well. It is a good deep ache and I can clearly see a change in my mind when the pain of a good workout is very much connected to my desired outcome, as opposed to a reason to take a break.

This morning I completed a lot of push-ups and tonight I feel as if I can feel the muscle fibers in my chest muscles. As I thought about the muscle fibers, I got to thinking about the awe of our design. I begin to wonder how the process of fat burning occurs in a proportionate fashion? I wonder how opposing muscle groups (triceps and biceps, chest and back, hamstrings and quads etc) balance one another out.

I wonder how my body knows what to do with protein, fat, sugar, carbs and take what is needed in my body and create waste from the rest?

Now, remember, I am a Social Worker and not a Scientist in any fashion, but I am pretty sure that the answers to the questions I am asking are not all found in the Science books. I believe that as I journey this journey of weight loss and wellness, I am embracing in new and deeper ways that my body is Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

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  1. I’m looking forward to a visit we’re planning to see Bodies Revealed at the Public Museum. The reviews from the first few days were all about awe and reverence. Maybe you’d find a peek enlightening, as well as inspiring. I’m still a bit squeamish, but like you, continue to be amazed when I see our variety and adaptations.

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