Redefining space…inside and out….

Tonight Aunt Dot and I measured my upstairs living space. We are beginning the intentional discussion of what it might look like to redefine my upstairs living space into a master suite with bathtub and shower…

The process creates excitement and anticipation, but I get a bit stuck when I am unable to envision what it will look like when the walls are torn down. When I can’t think beyond the current appearance then I also have trouble envisioning where the new walls might go. I am grateful for Aunt Dot’s ability to lead this conversation and I do believe that slowly and surely, I will be able to see beyond where my eyes (and brain) appear stuck. It helps to get active in the process and start measuring and walking through the space and conversing….

I am confident that in time I will see a new vision. This process of change in my living space feels familiar to the  journey to my heart. I find that it is not beneficial for me to think about change for to long before taking some steps that will lead me towards my desired outcome. I know the feeling of being paralyzed by the unknown and never moving towards my goal. Doing the work requires commitment to head in the direction of my desired outcome. Doing the work requires me to invest my time and energy. I find being active is so much healthier than being passive.

I wonder if you were going to take the first steps of change in a certain area, what would that step be and what would it be like to take that step TODAY!

Author: trishborgdorff

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