The power of community…

communityI am regularly touched by the power of community….

I see community at work in my job,  at my church, in my volunteer opportunities, in my family and now in my grief….

There is something so beautiful when a group of people gathers….

There is something so comforting when a group of people shares a common experience….

There is something so powerful when a group can connect on a shared faith….

I truly believe that I am a better person because of the communities that surround me…..

As a result of my brother’s death, I have recently been invited to receive from my many communities….

To be hugged, to be pursued, to be cared for, to be prayed for, to be quiet in the presence of those who love me is a true gift….

I wonder what communities you are a member of…..

Are you more of a giver or receiver….

Do you allow good words to penetrate your heart….

Do you find your communities life-giving….

It is my hope that each person experiences the power of community and is changed for the better by it!








The fifth teenager….

And Ellie Grace has officially become a teenager….


At 13 Ellie is full of life, laughter, adventure, kindness, and compassion…..

At age 13 Ellie is loved by her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, horses and  dogs….

At age 13 Ellie enjoys anything that includes people, does well in school, worships with her whole heart and loves life…ellie on gunsmoke

ellie and johannaAt age 13 Ellie can dress up for a party or spend hours in the barn, either place she is equally delighted (and delightful)

At age 13 Ellie is the youngest of five children, who all happen to be in their teenage years. She has learned to use her voice and make her presence known.

At age 13, Ellie loves to paint our toes, curl our hair, give pedicures and pamper each of us in 100 different ways….dekam kids 1

At age 13, Ellie has invited us all to smile a little more often, laugh a little deeper, and to enjoy any time shared more fully!


I love you Ellie Grace and look forward to so much shared life in your 13th year!