Olivia Grace….

Olivia Grace Borgdorff is a girl who makes a difference in everything she does….

My sweet niece turns 16 today…..

That means she has lived about 5840 days….(I know there are leap years and all of that)

That means she has blessed this world with her smiles and kindness for about 5800 of them…

I am figuring that she likely took her first 40 days to really learn to smile well….

Let me tell you some of the things I love about my incredible girl….

savedHer bedroom is filled with scripture verses and inspirational quotes…

She fully embraces that God has a plan for her life and that even on the most difficult days, she chooses to embrace this….liv and alex

Olivia believes she can make a difference in someone’s life…She makes choices that bring joy to others and in that she finds a deep joy that fills her own heart. Olivia is confident in who she is and gentle in how she lives…

henry and the gangOlivia Grace loves her family and enjoys spending time with them (us)! She is quick to give a big hello and hug and always leaves us with an I love you!  Olivia brings so much joy and delight to our lives….













Olivia knows what it is to work hard. It might be on the court, in the classroom or serving up coffee at Tim Horton’s. Olivia has learned that things don’tliv at work always come easy, but when they come because of hard work and commitment, there is a sweetness to reaching personal goals. (I am excited to see that car you have saved up for!)

And so Olivia, in this 16th year, I hope and pray that you will live life fully, share your kindness with all you meet, pour your heart out to those you trust and believe that God has a purpose for your life, in all of the moments of goodness and in the quiet places of wondering…

I love you livi lou more than I can ever put words to….

Happy 16th birthday sweet girl….

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