Celebrating Aunt Dot….

I can’t write just one blog today since it is also a day I celebrate Aunt Dot….

I can almost see Aunt Dot shaking her head as she reads a blog dedicated just to her….

I will keep it short and sweet….

I am so thankful for an Aunt who has shared in our family life, our vacationing, our Sunday dinners, our happy hours, our laughing, our celebrating, and our grieving….

I am so thankful for an Aunt who is a wonderful sister to my Mom (and sister-in-law to my Dad), and now Beppe (or Tante) Dot to all my nieces and nephews…

I am so thankful for an Aunt who brings order to my world, encourages my dreams, packs a bag and travels with me to far away places and as a result of being neighbors for the last 10 years, is also a dear friend and confidant….

Happy Birthday Aunt Dot……

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