Celebrating Aunt Dot and Olivia Grace…

Some know my Aunt Dot as Dorothy, others who know her well may call her just plain Dot. There are lots of us who have always known her as Aunt Dot and now there is a whole next generation who call her Beppe Dot. She has a variety of names, but one things is for sure, she is loved by many!

Aunt Dot is the youngest sister in the Kuperus family. She is quiet by nature and doesn’t require or demand much of anything. She is self -sufficient and can handle life in an amazing fashion. She is well-respected at work, productive and proficient in most things she does and she can handle the snow blower, home repairs, workshop tools and anything a garage houses in amazing fashion! She has always had a place at the Borgdorff family dinner table, a room on our family vacations and a very special spot in our hearts.

I am fortunate to also be neighbors with Aunt Dot. When I bought my house almost ten years ago, I never would have dreamed that my Aunt would also be someone I enjoy seeing every day. It is not uncommon for us to share conversation, laughter, tears, a walk, a meal or a glass of wine together….

She has been a role model for me in how to live well as a single woman. She paved the way and I believe modeled that being single is a very acceptable way of living. I am so thankful for the woman she is and all she offers. She is the editor of our family news letter Treasured Ties and she values documenting the legacy of our family story. We are all blessed in so many ways through all Aunt Dot so generously offers.

Aunt Dot (far left) joins us Borgdorff women on every girls outing we enjoy!

Aunt Dot, Happy Happy Birthday. I hope this coming year is filled with good moments and memorable experiences. I am thankful for the travel partner you are for me and enjoy visiting London, South Africa, Hawaii, California, Washington, Nebraska, (and many more places) with you. But even if we are just walking around the block, your interest in my day-to-day life and honest feedback you offer is welcome and appreciated. I love you and celebrate you today! ♥

Anne, Trish and Olivia at my Tapestry Party

And Olivia Grace, my sweet sweet niece. Happy 15th birthday to you today. You remain full of wonder and life. I marvel at how your middle name really does reflect how you engage so much of life. I have seen you offer grace to many with such beauty. You bring a radiance that is contagious, even over Facebook!

You are willing to speak your mind but listen to others, stand firm in what you believe and invite others to be curious about what they believe, express your creativity in the wild colors of your hair and still have great understanding and respect for those who express themselves differently. I admire how you are rarely at a loss for a kind word or encouraging act and I see how you make choices every day to believe the best in someone. That is an amazing gift you offer many!

Olivia Grace, I hope you continue to dream big, live boldly, love deeply and marvel at the work of God through you and around you. Remember that to love people well is painful sometimes and to allow others to love you is a big risk sometimes, but in the end, when you love and are loved, life with be filled with many good moments!

Janneke, Anne, Noah, Sonta, Olivia, Jean Marc and Ellie at my Tapestry Party

I want to end with one of my favorite pictures from my tapestry party. It doesn’t include all your cousins, but it is a beautiful picture to me of how you are all growing up. You are no longer the mob of little kids when we all gather, you are all now individual young people with hearts that love God and your family. You are funny, engaging, goofy and sometimes loud. But I am proud of you and love the young woman you are. Happy 15th birthday Livi Lou. Enjoy all life has for you and it is my hope you will live it fully in the daytime and rest deeply every night, knowing you are not only deeply loved but also very well liked! ♥

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