She lives…She loves…She laughs….

I received this perpetual calendar as a gift at my tapestry party. I love reading every days entry and find that somehow, each one seems to resonate with me.

Today reads the following: In hard times she learned three things –she was stronger than she ever imagined, Jesus was closer than she ever realized, and she was loved more than she ever knew…

I clearly remember a difficult season when all three of these things were embedded in my heart.

I learned of my inner strength and resolve. I transitioned from living like a victim to finding my voice and believing in the strength and courage of my soul! 🙂 I stopped grappling with IF Jesus loved me and rested in the truth that He delights in me and will never leave me or forsake me…And I continue to marvel and celebrate the many who love me and support me…,

I wonder if you have been through a difficult season where you learned about yourself, your God and those who love you. I believe this is the silver lining in a dark cloud…I would never want to go back to the difficult seasons AND I am very thankful that out of that darkness, I became a woman who is happier and more content because I was willing to love myself, my God and the many who already loved me!



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